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Anyone familiar with Prada Replica Handbags knows that the Galleria Bag is the ‘iconic bag’ of the house. The Galleria is made from Saffiano leather and it has been introduced a few years ago. However, the fame of this bag knows no boundaries. It’s the ideal everyday bag as it’s durable and strong yet practical.

Recently Prada has introduced a newer version of this style. It’s now taller than the original version. And it’s also good to know, that it’s already sold-out at the Prada online store. So this must be a good bag.

Everything about this bag is gorgeous including the name Replica Prada Handbags, which is named after the historic Prada store opened in 1913 by Mario Prada (the founder) in Milan. This bag is created to look traditional yet modern and sophisticated. And I think it’s shining all of the 3 elements.

Measuring 31 x 15 x 33 cm, priced at $2850 USD, €2200 EUR, £1990 GBP via Prada boutiques.